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Education & Training A.

- The new training programs will be online on October 5.
- XXIV Master en Dirección y Gestión en Comercio Internacional (ENAE)

TEEB Project & ICSA

The report of Project TEEB Economic Valuation of Biodiversidady already available for download. Other previous reports in documentation section. Download report...


Coinciding with the III centenary of his birth and the 250th anniversary of their major work, we will meet at University of Murcia researchers from different fields of knowledge from Europe and Latin America, to discuss Rousseau's work and the relevance of his thought.

Partners Health FP7 SSH

New agreement for Health SSH FP7


ICSA was born in 1995 as an spin-off of the University dedicated to applied research and specialized training, over the years has expanded into other policy areas such as consulting and implementation of public administration studies, businesses and third sector. With an interdisciplinary study/working group with a common interest in research and development from different professional and academic institutions, working on the better understanding and greater disclosure as possible of the progress and achievement on the welfare, development, environment and society.

Managing Directors

Joint current Directors are: Professor and PhD. in Biological Sciences Mr. Francisco Robledano Aymerich and PhD. Social Sciences Mr. Mariano Soriano Urban. Currently the management is entrusted to PhD. Mariano Soriano Urban.

The Institute partners with business, academic, administration, and community leaders to achieve its mission.

A Global Perspective on Leadership

In today’s world, no individual, organization or sector has the resources or power to address global issues alone. From climate change to severe social and economic disparities, progress requires a shift from relying on single, heroic leaders for answers to recognizing and fostering leadership in which people at all levels work across sectors and boundaries to find common solutions. The Instituto de Ciencias SOciales y Ambientales, ICSA, works with leading global institutions at the forefront of efforts to foster civic engagement, create forums for groundbreaking dialogue, establish cross-sector collaborations, and empower citizens to become agents for change.


If you want to find out more about this, an e-mail or call +34 902 113 792 to us is all it takes.

ICSA, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Ambientales Ethics

The ICSA operates under the highest standards of ethics, integrity and confidentiality. Our commitment to our customer is to maintain their complete confidentiality and not to disclose any of their personal information without their full knowledge and approval.