Our Team


ICSA was born in 1995 as an spin-off of the University dedicated to applied research and specialized training, over the years has expanded into other policy areas such as consulting and implementation of public administration studies, businesses and third sector. With an interdisciplinary study/working group with a common interest in research and development from different professional and academic institutions, working on the better understanding and greater disclosure as possible of the progress and achievement on the welfare, development, environment and society.

Managing Directors

Joint current Directors are: Professor and PhD. in Biological Sciences Mr. F. Robledano Aymerich and PhD. Social Sciences Mr. M. Soriano Urban .

Currently the management is entrusted to PhD. M. Soriano Urban.

Our Team

The ICSA team consists of staff, faculty and graduate students, as well as Fellows, consultants and scholars. Members of our work team have experience in both the academic and practitioners' worlds and bring backgrounds in diverse disciplines such as Biology, Ecology, Earth Sciences, Environment, Sociology, Psychology, Management, Social Work, Public Administration, Education, International Development and Anthropology. Team members also have extensive experience working with the public sector, the nonprofit sector, philanthropic institutions, community-oriented and other practitioner-based programs. The diversity represented in our team enriches our programs and supports our core values, mission and goals.