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Education & Training A.

- The new training programs will be online on October 5.
- XXIV Master en Dirección y Gestión en Comercio Internacional (ENAE)

TEEB Project & ICSA

The report of Project TEEB Economic Valuation of Biodiversidady already available for download. Other previous reports in documentation section. Download report...


Coinciding with the III centenary of his birth and the 250th anniversary of their major work, we will meet at University of Murcia researchers from different fields of knowledge from Europe and Latin America, to discuss Rousseau's work and the relevance of his thought.

Partners Health FP7 SSH

New agreement for Health SSH FP7


The mission of The Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Ambientales (ICSA) is to provide the highest quality research services to university, government, non-profit and business entities in a timely and cost-effective manner. This mission is achieved by ensuring validity and accuracy in all phases of the research process so that products relate directly to client needs. Throughout the research process, our key values are research integrity and customer service.Specialized in the Social and Life Sciences since more than 25 years, the institute, ICSA, is your preferred Partner. The Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Ambientales (ICSA) brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world's most difficult problems, from climate change and environmental degradation, to poverty, disease and the sustainable use of resources.

The Institute partners with business, academic, administration, and community leaders to achieve its mission.

The benefits from the bioeconomy are expected to improve citizen’s health, boost the productivity and enhance environmental sustainability. However its potential requires concrete policy actions by governments, efficient regulations, a dedicated strategy by individual companies, effective communication by the stakeholders, and the necessary investments for its economical development. ICSA works directly with the different actors to create practical solutions to move to a competitive and sustainable bioeconomy.

Your partner in Spain and beyond

The ICSA institute is able to offer you full service, from recruitment even in Spain through its own consultants as well as its partner network. A full understanding of both markets allows a common approach for search for all kind of functions. When you want to start in Europe, why not talk to us. We have a large experience in assisting companies to start in Europe in Spain.


Consultancy Services

Through our experienced consultants, our specific knowledge and understanding of the sector, the different kind of jobs, we can offer you consultancy on organizational matters, structures and approach to business.


Our Assessment Approach is based on differents tools. European, national and regional policy analysis and development. Strategy development for authorities and companies. Support in public and regulatory affairs. Innovation and business development Communication.

Education, training and communication

We can help you to develop the correct communication strategy for specific biotechnology related issues, or to develop internal or external education projects. In collaboration with our partners we can organize dedicated training programmes or develop a specific e-communication strategy.

If you want to find out more about this, an e-mail or call +34 902 113 792 to us is all it takes.

ICSA, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Ambientales Ethics

The ICSA operates under the highest standards of ethics, integrity and confidentiality. Our commitment to our customer is to maintain their complete confidentiality and not to disclose any of their personal information without their full knowledge and approval.